Is a quality system used in quality assurance And management of processes in the organization of the supplier, manufacturer or service provider, consisting of a total of 10 requirements which can be used as guidelines Or is a condition for making various trade agreements between the buyer or the customer with the supplier or the manufacturer, which the customer has the right to choose to trade with the supplier Any or any organization that is certified to have quality management that meets the requirements of the ISO 9001 quality system, not just a quality system that can only be used in a manufacturing plant, can also Can be applied to other service businesses as well, but is the quality system that is used and followed the most in the world


  • FSC TM ?                                         (We are FSC TM certified (FSC TM -C140965) since May 04,2018)


This international standard is intended to be used for organizations that want to systematically manage their environmental responsibilities. By using the requirements specified in the environmental management system standards as guidelines for implementation In response to the expectations of the environmental management system Which consists of increasing environmental performance Implementation in accordance with relevant laws and commitments And the ability to achieve the environmental management objectives of the organization itself To create value for the organization Stakeholders in the environment and in accordance with the organization’s environmental policy Including for environmental sustainability as well

This international standard applies to all organizations of all sizes and types, considering environmental issues. (environmental aspects) from activities, products and services that the organization considers to be able to control Or can push one By considering the life cycle perspective, which can be applied to all activities Or some activities of the organization In order to systematically improve the environmental management system.

 FSC TM                                                                                        We are FSC TM certified (FSC TM -C140965) since May 04,2018

Is a private organization under the cooperation of various groups from around the world, such as forest conservation groups And wood traders environment, manufacturers of wood products And wood certification organizations And wood products in order to establish a system to certify wood and wood products Which is a guarantee that Wood and wood products that have been stamped with the FSC TM  mark are wood and products that use wood from natural forests or planted forests that are properly managed according to internationally accepted principies. Is a sustainable planting of trees.


IPPC is a charter issued to control and protect forests and plants that are affected by international transport.
ISPM15 is part of the IPPC that defines plant hygiene standards with the objective of reducing the spread of unpopular infections. Soft meats and other such woods, especially pineapple nematodes (Found in the United States, Canada gathered and Japan in these countries, there are no hunters in the system (Found in China and in many other countries where this insect is a threat to forests in the United States)


RoHS 2 stands for Restriction of Hazardous Substances, which is a requirement 2002/95 / EC of the European Union (EU) regarding the use of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic appliances. Which includes all types of appliances Which requires electrical work such as television, oven, microwave, radio, etc., which means Every piece that consists of electrical appliances Since the circuit board Electronic devices to power cables must meet the above requirements. Currently limited to 10 passenger types

1.Pb (Laed)
2.Hg (Mercury)
3.Pb (Cadmium)
4.Cr+6 (Hexavalent Cadmium)
5.PBBs (Polybrominated biphenyls)
6.PBDEBs (Polybrominated diphenyln ethers)
8.(Butyl benzyl phthlate)
9.(Dibutyl phthalate)
10.(Diisobutyl phthalate)

But there are exceptions for some devices That still cannot use other substances to replace Or substitutes More dangerous, such as fluorescent lamps Which contains mercury as a component Lead in alloy steel. In addition, medical and military tools are in the exception.

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